DWM1004C Code without Dev. Board

I and my friends work on a university project. Our main purpose is to implement the Angle of arrival (AoA) concept using two UWB modules. Hence we have ordered and received 10 DWM1004C modules. However, the modules do not have a development board on their own. The sample code for DWM1004C involves DWM1001 dev. board and we do not have that. This means we cannot even start the project. My question is: Is there a way to program DWM1004C using the SWD pins of the processor? Of course, assuming that we will connect those pins to some controller, like Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

This is probably too late to help you, but you should be able to solder a connection directly to the pins of the STM32 named: NRST, SPI, CLK, UART_Tx, and UART_Rx, of course while connected to power and ground. Then you should be able to use software to flash through the connections. The UART pins help to read serial data to verify the flashing worked.