DWM1004 help to get started

I am just getting started on the UWB world, and I’m working on a project with dwm1004c, but i can’t find any good tutorial online on how to get started measuring distances and the position with the system, maybe because it is new, can anyone guide me on how i can get started? The only thing i was able to do was serial communication with it, but it has only a few options and none of them is about ranging.

The kit contains a DWM1004C module and a DWM1004C module mounted on a DWM1001-DEV. The kit is really targeting customers that already have a TDoA system (Anchors and Tags) and a trilateration solver. The DWM1004C would operate as a Tag in such a system. Decawave sell such a TDoA system for $25k - TTK1000.

The best system I would recommend for newbies to UWB is the MDEK1001 system https://www.decawave.com/product/mdek1001-deployment-kit