DWM1004 and DWM1001 firmware

I have a few dwm1004 with the dev board that are not in use, can i flash the dwm1001 firmware into it to work as a 1001 tag? or it is not compatible? Thanks

Hi Thiago,

The firmware for DWM1001 is not compatible with DWM1004.

A TDoA Tag application for DWM1004 is available on Decawave’s website.

Hope it helps,

Oh, ok. Thank you.

By that you mean a possibility of real world application or a software? Could you point me where?

Have a look at the resource package there :

Note this is only TDoA Tag application, so if you don’t have a TDoA network (with anchors), you can’t do much with it. If you’re not too familiar with TDoA maybe have a look on the forum and on the web, there are multiples subjets/documents explaining it in detail.