DWM1003 (PDoA Tag) Serial Output - Is this possible?

I can get USB Serial data from the DWM1002 “Node” to track the position of a DWM1003 “Tag”, but what I need is for the equipment connected to the Tag to know where it is. It is my understanding that the Node tells the Tag where the Tag is, but there is no obvious way to access that from the Tag itself. I made an attempt to use JLinkExe and JLinkRTTClient from a Mac connected to my Tag but got a message that “Selected interface (0) is not supported by connected debug probe.”. FYI - my background with JLink is working with Nordic Dev kits (direct USB) and our Nordic based product (JLink module to custom board).

What are my options? e.g.:

  • Use JLink utilities some other way than I’m attempting (assumes HW is setup with that capability).

  • Get documentation for a serial port already wired to the thru-hole points on the Tag, if that exists.

  • Setup a WiFi link from a Node-located processor to a Tag-located processor and share the data across a shared WiFi network (but not without some latency risk).

  • (jvande edited orginal post to add this bullet item) - I’m assuming there is no default serial already setup, so the plan would be to modify source code (once I get access to it), add a serial port (or other comm port) and write out to that port. I assume the documentation inside the PDoA kit I’m waiting for will tell me where the available processor pins are exposed. If the JLink could work I’d still prefer that.

I’d rather not incur the extra power consumption and increased latency by relying on WiFi… I’d rather use the PDoA’s existing channel between the Node/Tag for the data transfer.