Dwm1003 firmware on dwm1001

Hi, I have the PDoA kit for Decawave. I actually have two of them, and a MDEK1001 old kit as well.
My question is: can I flash the new dwm1003 firmware on any dwm1001? I tried and partially tested it using the PC executable… I saw that the dwm1002 detected the new “tag” node, but I’m not sure about if this is good or not since dwm1003 and dwm1001 are slightly different.

Let me know.

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Hi Bettis,

The main differences between the DWM1001 and the DWM1003 are:

  • Power management (DCDC/LDOs)
  • IMU (inertial measurement unit) sensors

When using the DWM1003 firmware on the DWM1001 module, you can expect to have issues with the movement detection and the accelerometer.



I am trying to do the same thing as you described, using DWM1001 modules as PDoA Tag’s (DWM1003), but I couldn’t get the node to see the DWM1001. May I ask how did you manage to do it?