DWM1001C - UART Debug


I am trying to figure out why my DWM1001C modules won’t connect with my RPi over UART. I created a custom board for the DWM1001C because it was impossible to get a DEV board where I live.

The custom board is however a very slimmed down version of the dev board schematic. I basically only have the DWM1001, the 2 caps on the VCC and then the RPi header. Instead of using the +5V on the RPi header like the DEV board does I’m using the 3V3 pin from the RPi directly to feed into the VCC of the DWM1001C (with the 2 decoupling caps). I also connected UART_RX to GPIO14 on the RPi and UART_TX to GPIO15.

Based on what I can see this should be the absolute minimum to get this to run with an RPi, as I don’t need the powersupply circuit (via USB, Bat or RPi 5V) nor the STM32.

Based on the documentation I have been trying the following things to get the UART connection established:

  1. use minicom on /dev/serial0 with baudrate 115200
  2. compile the tag_cfg example and run that having set it to use UART
  3. use a USB to serial adapter from adafruit to connect it to a windows PC and use Putty / Termite there to see if I can get a connection.

In all scenarios the DWM1001C stays silent. Does anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I have double checked my connections and also checked that VCC does get 3.3V

Any tips are much appreciated.

Hi @dh_vie
could you post a schematics? Without it is it hard to guess what is wrong. From your description I see that programming is working so MCU is fine. Can you flash there the PASN SW and test via BT if the MCU is operational? If not then check the RESET line if it is OK?

BTW: it depends on RPi version but the older ones support only 50mA load on 3V3 line and the DWM1001 could go easily up to cca 150mA so you might have there also power issues.


Thanks for the reply. I’m using an RPi 4 so I don’t think the current limitation is an issue. That said I do think that I have read my DWM1001C might come blank and thus still needs to be flashed. Is that right?

Hi @dh_vie
yes the DWM1001 are sold blank so you need to flash it with firmware.


By using RPI4 were u able to debug the module via UART?


Hi @Abishek
in the term of code debugging/developing you can use only SWD interface.