DWM1001C - UART communication

Hello everyone,

I designed my own PCB with DWM1001C module, but during prototyping I checked, that module does not respond.
I have also dwm1001-dev, so I try to send to him command using terminal (v.1.9b) via micro usb port and everything work. So I got another dwm1001-dev, unsoldered jumpers and communicate with him using only RPI headers (UART communication) and everything works here too, device respond me some datas using TLV format. My problem is DWM1001C on my PCB. I predicted only FTDI to communicate. I read in datasheet (DWM1001 Datasheet, version 1.7, page 4), that stand-alone modules marked with the letter “c” has not software. So If I bought only stand-alone modules, should I first programme them, because they haven’t API’s?

Hi @MajkelKk
the modules comes blan (no FW inside) so you need to program them first.

Cheers JK