DWM1001C transfer user data without RP3

Good day.
Based on the DWM1001C module and the STM32 controller made an anchor that can also work as a gateway with Ethernet.
In the Pans2 firmware for user data transfer, there is only IoT, as I understand it, with the client implemented in Tag MQTT and implemented in the MQTT gateway broker on RP2.
I think this solution is very successful for those who use the DWM1001-Dev, but for those who use the DWM1001C module with their peripherals, this does not work. Please share, maybe someone decided to transfer user data without using RP3 or is it possible to use the data packet transmitted by Tag:
“[006681.980 INF] loc_data: 1
0) 1CA5 [0.01, -0.00,0.15.15, x05]”,
for example, use in my opinion not very necessary information about the message number.
Thank you in advance