DWM1001c Set Up After Flashing with Image

Hi there,

Last week, I imported the factory image into two DWM1001C modules. But no data transferred in, I’ll list all the procedures I did and the result I got down below:

  • Followed the procedures in Firmware-user-guide: Download all the required software and erase it first and then reprogram it with factory image. Successfully connected and no error reported.

  • In RTLS app(Android) I could see this module and added it to the exiting network (Contains seven anchors (dev board), one listener (dev board) and two tags (one is dev board, one is the module separate from dev board) )

  • I set this module as tag and switch the UWB to active mode, but on the grid of app, the position is always (0.0, 0.0 ,0.0) . While other tags work properly. I checked through UART, no data from this module comes in.

So could anyone see what is wrong or where I have made a mistake?


Hi YW,

Are you using a custom board to host the DWM1001C ?


Hi Yves,

No, it’s a board from MEDK 1001. (I get the origin module off, trying to flash a new DWM1001c)
• My Setup

• Screenshot of flashing

• Default setting in DRTLS (Android)

• UART with PUTTY, no data from 8C81 comes in


The tag is passive, set it up to active, it should help.


I missed this picture
• Then I make UWB to be active, the position never change in grid