DWM1001C Ranges more than 4

Hello, we need to get ranges of anchors more than 4 from TAGs. Is there a way to increase the array of the ranges using LEC command? Example applications does not provide a list of ranges of anchors with PANIDs.

Since there are 16 seats for anchors, I assume that the same seat seat number may be possible for the TAGs also.

The idea is to calculate the ranges of more than 4 anchors from TAGs, which both TAGs and Anchors are moving not related to the location engine.

Thank you.

I think that this question has already been answered here

Any chance by programming? The examples are not helping.

Yes. But you will need to write your own firmware, once you do that you can use as many anchors as you like. We use up to 12 at a time. The 4 anchor limit is purely for the PANS firmware.

While point to point ranging between two fixed ID devices isn’t too hard, it’s mostly a copy and paste of the examples. Expanding that into a full, flexible positioning system is a bit more complicated and requires a fair amount of firmware design work.
Also if this is for a commercial system then as soon as you stop using PANS you will need to get your own regulatory approvals for the final system.

Even such a complex pattern of unlimited responders list is available in the open source framework I’m preparing.
@Ortune, here’s the link to the documentation of the examples that perform that, if you have any question let me know. But as @AndyA mentioned, you’re responsible about the firmware you compile yourself and put in production.

initiator = 0
responders = [1, 2, 3, 4]
result_list = uwb_twr(initiator=initiator, responders=responders, step_ms=10)

Thank you @AndyA and @wassfila.

@wassfila I’ll give it a try and let you know. Thanks a lot.

I couldn’t get any response from CLI. Can you help please?
According to the needs below which HEX we need to upload to the DWM1001C module?
What will be the commands in CLI? Can you guide us in your firmware?

What I need is:
One or more DWM1001C (moving tag) showing ranges of other DWM1001C modules (moving anchor) with short addresses in the area as a list.

It can be 1 anchor and 1 tag,10 anchors and 1 tag or 5 anchors and 10 tags (the numbers may change) in the area since they all move.

The idea is stopping a vehicle if there is a person close enough. So it needs to be working inside the building or outside the building without a location calculation.

We have done this by the default firmware but 4 nodes limit make it impossible to continue.

We are planning to calculate the location further by placing tags on the ceiling and make the ceiling devices send the ID and range of the moving devices to the server. It can be then calculated by the server.

Best regards.