DWM1001C problems with current position

I’m using DWM1001C with PANS 2.0 library. I’ve question regarding TWR position localization engine. Whenever I’m using DWM1001C on my device as a DWM Tag, it reports it’s position to listener correctly at start of each movement. However, after I move tag a bit further, lets say a couple meters, it reports something around it’s previous positions, rather than current one. It appears as if it lagging behind actual Tag position, due to some averaging, other than specified in DWM1001 system overview. When tag stops in certain place and DWM is running for few more seconds, it’s reported position is slowly moving towards it’s actual position. When tag is operational again, the position jumps from invalid position, to where it was stopped.

My question would be - Is there a particular reason for this, that I ommited in documentation and this behaviour is proper or are there any other mistakes I’ve made?

Hi @MatKus

re lagging) indeed there are two averaging. One is in the module and the second one in in android application. In the module you cant turn it off, but there is some very simple averaging. In the application navigate to Grid view and tap on the three dot icon and in the dropdown menu uncheck Show average.

Re update rate change)
To help reduce power consumption the tag has an option of two location update rates, the nominal and stationary. The onboard accelerometer is used to detect when the device is stationary and then the stationary rate will be used. If the accelerometer is disabled then only the nominal location rate will be used. This can be controlled by enabling / disabling stationary mode.

Cheers JK