DWM1001C on Android device

Hi there,

I’ve been tasked with getting UWB onto an Android device. The DWM1001C will be connected via its UART interface to the main CPU. The android developers of the main board will give my apk team a tunnel so we can access the DWM1001C via the main CPU and run the (uart) serial API. We intend to issue (PANS?) commands and wait for responses in our Android IDE.

I’ve seen quite some excellent and detailed information on how to establish a link and program the DWM1001C via more direct tools (development boards etc.).

Has my endeavor been done before ? (to embed this into a board that runs Android and set up a serial interface between the main CPU and the DWM1001C)

As far as I am able to discover, the only Android activity I spot is an apk that contacts the DWM1001C via Bluetooth?

The aim is to have the android device periodically (e.g. once a second) detect similar peers around it and establish its relative distance to them.

From what I’ve understood so far, TWR seems like the mechanism to do so but I remain a bit puzzled on how to set that up without resorting to a fixed roll play, between tags and anchors. Ideally, I’d want 2 completely autonomous devices to spot each other (read = both know their distance to each other) without permanently setting 1 to be a tag and the other to be an anchor. I’ve seen half a dozen of other devices (which have a DWM1001C in them) that can do this but none of them run Android.

At a later stage, absolute positioning is another aim, most likely via fixed anchors.

I am looking for tips and tricks, examples, advise. A push in the right direction.