DWM1001c modules marked as "QORVO" show higher consumption than "Decawave" ones

Hello, we just received and soldered on the same boards the new DWM1001c modules. It looks different as it is marked “QORVO” instead of Decawave. It is a new supply of 1200 pcs.
Without changing anything either on the board or on the firmware, we have noticed a much higher power consumption (measured at module) of 16 mA instead of 1,4 mA.
We use custom software with everything disabled and BLE set in low power mode.

Is there any change in module that requires a different way to disable wireless?


There should be differences between the Decawave and Qorvo labelled module.
What about putting the Qorvo labelled device on the Decawave board etc? Same result?
What mode is the Nordic and DW1000 in when you measure the current?
Are all the GPIO configured correctly?


Thanks Kenneth, we investigated further. We swapped the modules and the boards, and the behaviour was the same (“Qorvo” consumption almost 10x higher than the “DW” one).
In the end, we found the problem, and it is related to our initialization software. For security purposes, it checks the internal ID before trying to go in Low Power mode, and the ID was not in the white list of accepted modules.
We added it and the “Qorvo” module now shows an expected consumption of 1,4 mA.
So I can confirm that there should not be any difference between the modules.

Thanks for the support Maurizio

that scared us all!


Thank you for closing the loop, gOod to hear you found the bug!