DWM1001C Module Flashing

Dear ,

I bought DWM1001C Module thought that it will be easy to use but I have no idea how to flash firmware into Module.

I am having J-Link (JTAG) and DWM1001C Module.

Can you please help me to understand how we can Flash firmware into Module.

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Hi Hardik,

You will need a J-Link (I use the J-Link EDU), and you will use the SWD interface.


And you can use the J-Flash Lite software to flash the PANS R2 in the module.

Thanks DevidF for your Reply.
I am having Same J-Link EDU.
I am giving 3.3 V to Board VCC , Where i need to give 5V because board is supporting 3.6 Max Vlt.

I connect as Shown in Image. Can you please suggest me where i am doing Mistake .

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You need to connect the Vref of the J-Link EDU, you must connect the Vref of the J-Link to the VCC of the DWM1001C.

In addition, you can connect the RESET signal from the J-LINK to the DWM1001C.

Thanks a Lot David

It’s Working Now.


Great news !

An advice I can give to you, if you create a custom board if the DWM1001C.

Put on the board a connector like this one : https://www.segger.com/products/debug-probes/j-link/accessories/adapters/6-pin-needle-adapter/

It works very well.