DWM1001C <-> DWM1000 Combination

Hi, I have some DWM1001C (DWM1001-DEV) boards and some DWS1000 mounted on STM32 Nucelo-144 (NUCLEO-F439ZI).

For DWM1001-DEV development, I use SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM V7.12.
For DWS1000 development, I use STM32CubeIDE 1.12.0.

I got the Single-sided two-way ranging (SS TWR) working if I use either only DWM1001-DEV boards or only DWS1000 boards.

I want to combine them (the big boards as anchors, the small boards as tags).
I changed the channel number, the TX and RX preamble code and the RX_BUF_LEN that they are equal on both boards.
But the “ss_twr_init_int” on the DWM1001-DEV has just this output:

Singled Sided Two Way Ranging Initiator with Interrupt Example
Transmission # : 1
Transmission # : 10
Transmission Error : may receive package from different UWB device
Transmission # : 11

The error is because of SYS_STATUS_RXSFDTO (Receive SFD timeout).

Is it generally possible to combine these different boards?
Or do they have such big differences that it’s impossible?

Thank you!

The two boards should be able to talk. The antennas are optimised for different channels but both should work at either frequency for shorter ranges.

Are you sure all of your channel, preamble and timing settings are the same on both systems? e.g. you don’t have one using an IEEE SFD pattern and the other using the decawave pattern? They are both at the same data rate etc…