DWM1001C dev kit issues after reprogramming

I have been attempting to follow the DWM1001 Firmware User Guide to evaluate tags/beacons. I re-flashed the dev board as described in section 3.3, and have run into a few problems.

  1. Switching to shell mode is now very flaky. Pressing return several times generally results in an ‘@’ being returned, rather than switching to shell mode. After several dozen or several hundred presses it will go into shell mode, but this can take a long time and is generally rather frustrating.

  2. I can’t join/set the network. using ‘si’ I get the the pan ID has been reset to 0000. The nis command reports success, but doesn’t actually change anything.

dwm> nis FD5C
nis: ok
dwm> si
[000541.880 INF] sys: fw2 fw_ver=x01030001 cfg_ver=x00010700
[000541.880 INF] uwb0: panid=x0000 addr=xDECA9AABC0A2591A
[000541.890 INF] mode: tn (act,twr,np,le)
[000541.890 INF] uwbmac: disconnected
[000541.890 INF] uwbmac: bh disconnected
[000541.900 INF] cfg: sync=0 fwup=0 ble=1 leds=1 le=1 lp=0 stat_det=1 (sens=1) mode=0 upd_rate_norm=1 upd_rate_stat=100 label=DW591A
[000541.910 INF] enc: off
[000541.910 INF] ble: addr=C2:BB:9E:BE:5D:15

How do I fix these issues?


Hi @Milner

re shell entering ) Im not observing any issues here with windows (putty) or Linux (minicom), you need to hit enter twice fast (I think within one second). Otherwise it is recognized as a UART API command and the module return error packet. The “@” is just the printable part of the return error packet.

re nis command) please use 0x before hexadecimal value. Otherwise it is converted as a decimal value. So correct command should be “nis 0xFD5C”.


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Hello, I was searching for my question when I saw your question. May I ask you a question? How can I reprogram the development board (for my own development board)? Do you use the software Segger? But I don’t have this kind of knowledge. Can you give me some guidance?

Hi @Andrew_Gao
please check the MDEK1001 documentation - DWM1001, DW10001-DEV and MDEK1001 Documents, Source Code, Android Application & Firmware Image

there is a document at DWM1001\Product_and_Design_Documents\DWM1001-Firmware-User-Guide.pdf that might help you.


Thank you very much for your reply. I will check these documents.