DWM1001C connect anchor, database

Currently, I just bought the DWM1001C and tested the 1 anchor -1 tag communication example using segger emmbedded studio and monitored the measured results via MobaXterm. However, when I tried programming to add 1 more anchor, it did not display distance to 2nd anchor point, does anyone have an example code for that part and how to push the data to the database?

How did you add the extra anchor?
You can’t just have two identical anchors, you need some way to identify them uniquely. Otherwise they will both reply at the same time and you’ll either get one range or none.

You then need to modify the message from the tag to include the identity of the anchor you want to talk to.
Each anchor needs to check the received messages and verify if they are for them or some other device. The anchor then needs to only reply if the message was addressed to it.
The anchor reply message needs to be modified to include which anchor is replying.
The tag needs to verify that the reply is from the expected anchor.

There are other ways to do this e.g. all the anchors reply to the same tag message but with a different delay time. But the one anchor at a time method above is the simplest way to do things.

When making these changes it is also sensible to include a tag ID in all the packets in addition to an anchor ID. The anchor simply copies the value from the message it receives into the message it sends. For now the tag can put anything in that field and ignore it in the reply. But by including it now you don’t need to change the radio packets or anchor code if you want to handle multiple tags, only the tag code needs to change.