Dwm1001c code development

Dear Sirs/Madam,

I’m working with dwm1001c modules and I wanted to start a development of a new application.
I started with source codes taken from GitHub - RT-LOC/zephyr-dwm1001: Open source DWM1001 + Zephyr example implementations .
Examples work perfectly, but trying to combine some examples (to obtain a more complex network) , the new code does not work. In particular, I’m not able to switch between listener mode and other modes.
I also saw that Qorvo removed the sources code given by decawave.
Despite that, other source code is given in GitHub - Decawave/uwb-apps .
So I was wondering which one is the best one for a new implementation.
What do you suggest?
Thank you in advance

Best regards

you will find some other examples here, they work with zephyr.
They even work with zephyr 3