DWM1001C and Arduino Mega

Hello Everyone,

I got 2 DWM1001C from digikey and I’ve connected them to an Arduino Mega and Arduino Nano but I don’t seem to have any luck making it work and especially communicate.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Amnon,

The DWM1001C is delivered blanked, have you flashed them with any firmware ?


Hi Yves,

No I didn’t.

Do you have a link I can follow to see what hardware and software I need. It is the first time I deal with this product and I really need to make it work

Thanks in advance


Hi Ronen,

Decawave provides a firmware for the DWM1001C that will enable two way ranging RTLS application.

Please have a look at the documentation and files from :


Make sure you take a look at the license agreement.

In order to flash the device, the quickest way would be to get DWM1001-Dev as they have an onboard segger. Otherwise you need to get an actual flasher with SWD interface.

Maybe take a look at the thread below :

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