DWM1001 z axis accuracy improvement

Dear all,

first of all I’d like to share my appreciation for the great Decawave products. I’ve bought an tested the MDEK1001 which has an excellent peformance for a low price.

Now my question: In my test setup (see attached picture), I achieved a really good localisation performance in the xy-plane (around 10 cm). When I place all anchors on the same height, I get ambiguities in the z axis coordinates (which obviously makes sense). As you can see in my setup, I then placed the anchors at different heights and added two more anchors which improved the z accuracy. However, at some places, the z coordinate of the tag is still more than 50 cm off and sometimes it ‘jumps’ between values. Is there any recommendation on how to arrange the anchors for a good z axis performance?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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Hi Markus,

Indeed it is recommended to place anchors at different height to improve Z accuracy, but it the result may still not be satisfying due to poor GDOP.

Take a look at the thread below, or look for GDOP on the forum, it’s been mentioned a good few times :


Hi Yves!

Thank you for your quick and helpful response!


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