DWM1001 with Raspberry Pi 3

I am working on a research project with the ostensibly direct task of setting up the DWM1001-dev with a Raspberry Pi . Python has already been installed on the Pi and the source code was later downloaded as well. Upon attempting to setup the connect the Pi to the DWM100 via UART by typing in the following(recommend) command into the command window : minicom -D /dev/serial0. The only result i get is command not found however.

Clearly I am not the most savvy of Decawave users, so does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

You may not have the minicom installed. I suggest you download the image DRTLS_raspbian_R2.0.img for raspberry pi3. This image contains what is necessary to start experimenting with DWM1001-dev. otherwise try installing the package using this command “sudo apt-get install minicom”