Dwm1001 vs dwm1001C

Hello everyone, I am a student and I have some questions.

I bought dwm1001C because I think the calculation speed is faster than dwm1000. I see some people use Arduino as the control board, and some people use STM32 as the development version.
The first question: I would like to ask whether the calculation speed of STM32 is faster than Arduino under the same chip.
Second question: Under the same code, is arduino+dwm1001C really faster than arduino+dwm1000?

Thanks for your answers

Hi @luoyisin
in your topic you have Dwm1001 vs dwm1001C and in your text you are mentioning DWM1001 and DWM1000.

DWM1001C - Is a module with DW1000 radio + MCU nRF52832 onboard + it have in OTP calibrated values for transmit power setting.

DWM1001 - Is the same as DWM1001C but without OTP calibrated values. Normally you cant get this one unless you have some very old MDEK dev kit.

DWM1000 - Is module with DW1000 radio onboard, Im not sure if it has calibrated values in OTP or not. But there is no additional MCU.


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