DWM1001 time delay on position output


I have set up and am currently using the DWM1001 development kit with four anchors and one tag. The positioning seems to be working correctly, except for a delay of between 500ms and 600ms between the reported position and the actual position (the actual position was determined using a camera tracking system).

Is this expected behaviour? Did I set something up incorrectly?


Hi Gerrie,

How are you retreiving the position from the rtls system ? Directly from the tag over uart/spi or from a listener ?


Hi Yves

I have a node that is configured as a listener which I am connecting to over USB (I have also tried UART with the same results).

So basically: 6 nodes -> 4 anchors, 1 tag and 1 listener.


Hi GCrafford,

Did you ever found a solution to this problem?

Best Regards

Hi @GCrafford
is is not that hard to figure it out - just reed the docs :laughing: . However the latency is there because of internal position averaging - the average is calculated from last three samples.