DWM1001 - Tags' position in bridge mode

First, thanks for PANS2 Release and image for RPi, it’s nice and seems to work good.
Right now, I am developing my gateway service for DWM1001 location engine.
Is there any possibility to get tags’ location from node that is configured as a bridge? As I understand in your image, RPi exchanges data with bridge node via SPI. Somehow it gets positions of all tags in the system and the sends it to MQTT broker. So how do positions of the tags are retrieved by bridge node? I couldn’t find any command for this in Firmware API Guide.
The only way I managed to get tags’ positions is by switching bridge node to passive by ‘nmp’ cmd. Then I can get tag positions’s with ‘les’ cmd. But in that way, bridge functionality is turned off and data is not transfered to mqtt. After ‘les’ cmd I can see tags’ position for about 10 seconds and then this node (connected to RPi) automatically starts sending data to mqtt and stops sending it to UART.

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Hi Demian,

The interface between the bridge node is currently not documented. The reason is that the bridge node host must respect very tight timing, and at the moment we cannot support porting this interface to other platform.

We are looking at our option regarding opening the interface to customers. Keep an eye on the forum for the coming weeks,


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As I understand it, you could always setup another DWM1001 as a “listener” with an Rpi or similar to get the positional data (using an LE* command) from all the tags it can hear. Bit of extra cost in terms of extra hardware and it’s also limited to the range that the listener can hear, where bridges can be linked to extend coverage.