DWM1001 Seats issues


Currently we are using DWM1001 chips in a building consisting of two floors for the purpose of indoor navigation, both operating in different networks (PANIDs), each floor has one initiator.

Floor 1: Consist of different rooms and corridors, current installation uses 27 anchors operating on PANID1 in a way that we have LOS in series between antennas, all antennas are supported to the ceil at different z-positions (not aligned), and one antenna fixed to the floor.

Floor 0: Architecture wise similar to Floor 1, but it uses 47 anchors on PANID2, all has LOS to one or more of ranging anchors, all antennas are supported to the ceil at different z-positions (not aligned).

System parameters:

  • System may accept up to 400 tags at same time.

  • Room of dimension (8x6) may contains up to 15 tags and 4-5 anchors.

  • Tags update rate projected to be adjusted continuously according to user motion, switches between 200ms in case of moving & 500ms in case to staying still.

  • Beacons are installed at different spots in the same operating area of UWB.


1- Sometime and/or at some spots navigation is slow (location update is sluggish).

2- Some areas are totally blind, we are not getting localisation data at all.

3- Observing Floor 1 which contains 27 antennas (< 30), some antennas has seat (-1), experiment done while initiator in Floor 0 switched (on and off).

4- Seats keep changing continuously, never lands on final seat map.

Please advise if there is something should be considered to overcome the current situation as it is not stable, as follow:

1- We can do a round through the building with 20 tags and make it through with no noticeable issues, and next round of 14 tags may result in 50% failure; some tags at different spots loses navigation.

2- One time user enters room A and gets perfect navigation, next time he enters room A no navigation at all.

Thanks in advance

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