DWM1001 Raspberry pi Gateway

I have dwm1001 and raspberry pi 3b+. I want to use these devices as a gateway for my anchors and tags but I didn’t find any related instruction for this. I searched a lot on the documents and this forum. I found that there would be software for the gateway but there is no software. Can anyone help me about this problem?

Hello Anig,

The software for raspberry pi is not available yet, we will advertise on the forum as soon as it is available.

Also, it will not be compatible with raspberry pi 3b+ except if you disable the ethernet module. So I would recommend to use a raspberry pi 3 model B in order to have access to the full range of features.

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What are the reasons for full 3B+ incompatibility? We currently use our own gateway software on 3B+.

Rastik, what exactly do you mean by own gateway software. If it is possible, can you share your code with me?

The PANS Gateway software for raspberry pi that will be released soon contains a Kernel module which is timing critical. This module was developed on the raspberry pi 3 model B.

With the new model 3B+, the Ethernet is generating many more Ethernet interrupt and it would require a large update of the kernel module to have compatibility. This is the reason why the gateway software will only be provided for the model 3B. Please note that the software will run on a 3B+ if the Ethernet is disabled.

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I’m using DWM1001-DEV attached to RPi 3B+ pin header and communicating via UART shell mode. I’m parsing response from “lep” command while in passive mode. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it works. As there are no TLV commands with the same functionality, I had to use shell mode and solve the hassle with initialization etc.

Will there be any problem using UART / SPI APIs with raspberry pi 3B+ . With 3b its working fine.

Hi Cshivash,

The SPI/UART will work fine with the 3b+, but the gateway module released by Decawave in the next release will not work properly on 3b+ due to increase of ethernet interrupt (in comparison to the 3b model)


Thanks Yves :slight_smile:

So, if we use the 3b+, we need to turn off the ethernet connection. So the only way to access its by wire (SPI/UART)?

hi Yves,
I Bought B+,and I need to find distances between tag and anchors.As said above B+ shows interruption.How can be disable ethernet.
and is disabled ,how it will be connected to my laptop,and will the data processed be trustable.