DWM1001 positioning rate

I have 4 DWM1001-DEV and I am experimenting with the data I receive from them.
4 are set up as anchors, one of them is initiator, and the last one is a tag.
I connect the tag to my computer and I created a script to connect via UART shell and poll the “apg” command.
I noticed that the tag does not update its position constantly - it’s more like 10 seconds of updates, then it gets “stuck” and returns the same position for a few seconds, then it starts updating for 10 more seconds and so on.
Is this behaviour expected, a bug or a problem with my setup?
Thank you.

Hi Stefano,

Maybe take a look at the DWM1001 API documentation, the list of commands and their puporse is detailed.

By default, the update rate is depending on the movement of the tag. If the tag is static, it will update its position less often. This allows to save battery when the tag remains in the same position.

In order to change that, you can use: aurs 1 1. That will set both static and dynamic update rate to 10Hz.

Also, in order to see the result of trilateration on the tag, use “les” command. It will return the distance between tag and anchors as well as the tag position.

Hope it helps,