DWM1001 position interpretation

Hello Community

I am just getting started with the DWM1001 module and communicate over the uart API with a STM microcontroller. At first, I’m trying to get the position of the module. For testing purpose, I define in shell mode the coordinate aps 0;1;2 and try to get it right in generic mode. When I send the TLV command to get the position, I will receive 0;16777216;33554432;100. So my conclusion is, that 1mm is 16777216, but that doesn’t really make sense and in the datasheet is written, that the coordinates will be send in mm.
So to my question: How do I interpretate the position right?
Is the bit 32 for 2^31 mm? But why do I get this kind of position?

thanks for the help in advance.


Hi @Benji
the resolution is in 1mm so you should read back the value also in mm. Which commands do you use?


Thanks for replying
Meanwhile the problem has been solved. The API-Command I have send to the module was dwm_pos_get, or in TLV 0x02, 0x00. My interpretation of the answer was wrong, because I forgot that the data is in little endian, so I swapped the MSB with the LSB and so I got to the wrong number. Now I get the position right.