DWM1001 PANS Release 2 - Max Range

What is the max range that can be achieved using PANS Release 2 with anchor/tag set to maximum TX power (0x1F1F1F1F)?

The best I’ve been able to measure is about 60-70m using the MDEK modules.

BTW, my test methodology is to use 1 fixed anchor, and 1 tag connected to serial port, using the “les” command with an update rate of 10Hz.

Hi cwallace,

Using such TX power is very likely to violate regulation levels so we would not recommend it.

The DWM1001C typical range with CHAN5, 6.8mbps, Preamble length 128 and PRF64 is 40-50 meters point to point. Within a RTLS deployment, we would not recommend to space anchors more than 25 meters (in a square topology).


Hi Yves,

I do realize that regulation levels are violated by the test. This is more of a benchmark test and not for a commercial application.

What I have noticed, in general, is that I can achieve a much longer range using TWR in demo example vs. the PANS firmware using max TX power settings.

I have also noticed that with the PANS firmware, there are ranges at which a tag can see an anchor (using “la” command) but it cannot report/calculate distance. I am trying to understand if there is limitation placed by the PANS firmware that limits the range that it can be used for the triangulation that is shorter than the communication range. My thought was perhaps there is some sort of accuracy or timing requirement that is being violated in calculation at the longer range that prevents the location from being calculated even though the tag can communicate with anchor.


I have noticed at that range where location cannot be calulated, that the “twr_err” statistic tends to increase. Any insight into what causes such an error to occur?


PANS by default uses TX power which is within the regulation.

How did you set the TX power within PANS?
Setting to the maximum 0x1f1f1f1f should give you a much longer range than 60m so I suspect the settings you have done was not applied.

When the signal is weak you might see the twr_err value increasing.


Hi @leapslabs.

I’ve tried to change the power using the “utps 0xB5 0x1F1F1F1F” upon utpg command confirmed the setting but I didn’t see any change either.
Is there a different way of changing it?

I’m using pans2


You can also change tx-power in generic mode with this command

Same here, in our environment i could see LOS distance of 48m, but once it disconnects i need to get close as 20m to reestablish it.

even though my tx power is set to “utps 0xB5 0x1F1F1F1F” (also restarted device) and checked with command ‘utpg’