DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex Firmware version

I’ve got the Factory_Firmware_Image from SDK v9 installed on the DWM1001 (DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex), and when I call dwm_ver_get I get the following output, which seems to tell me that the firmware version is actually 1.3.0…

My question is why does the filename (R2.0) not match the internal ver.fw.maj and ver.fw.min? This could be very annoying moving forward.

ver.fw.maj  = 1
ver.fw.min  = 3
ver.fw.patch= 0
ver.fw.res  = 0
ver.fw.var  = 1
ver.cfg     = 00010700
ver.hw      = deca002a

Hi James,

The R2 stands for release 2 internally and does not align with the software version.


If I can make a suggestion, please incorporate the firmware version name into the filename.

For example:

Ideally, you’d get rid of the R2.0 and just use the patch to make the distinction between releases where very small changes have occurred.

As a developer, I only care about the firmware version as it is reported to me by the dwm_ver_get() call, and not whatever internal release system Decawave has got going on.

It would be nice if a consistent versioning system was then incorporated into the download package name DWM1001_DWM1001-DEV_MDEK1001_Sources_and_Docs_v9.

It does me no good to have to make a distinction between v9, R2.0, and 1.3.0.

If I can suggest some further reading: https://semver.org/

Hi James,

I agree the versioning is confusing, we’ll try to improve it in the future.

  • R2 is the release number. The R2 includes the PANS firmware for dwm1001, the gateway software for rasperry pi, the drtls android manager … Note that the R1 is now deprecated.
  • v1.3.0 corresponds to the DWM1001 firmware version.
  • v9 applies to the whole collateral package not really to any software.

I guess in your case what you should ever worry about is the v1.3.0.