DWM1001 OTA code


There are wi-fi module and processor in my board and I can update many parts remotely.
I also want to update DWM1001C remotely if update issue happen.

In the datasheet, Android APK can update DWM1001.
I downloaded the APK but there is no source code.

  1. Could I get the source code of APK?
  2. Can I update DWM1001 via SPI or UART?
    ( Now, I control DWM1001C with SPI)
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Hi @ted_kim ,

1/ About source code of APK, I’ll check internally and will come back to you.

2/ DWM1001C module has Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 inside. It should be feasible to update the flash of nordic via SPI, but needs to be checked on Nordic side.

Hi @ted_kim
if you mean the PANS firmware then it could be update only via BT or you need to reflash the whole processor via the SWD interface.


Did you check the APK source code? could I get it?