DWM1001 Multiple Floors


For RTLS using the method of a group of nodes, how am I able to tell if the tag is on which floor as in the image below?

What are some of the challenges with having to locate tags on multiple floors?

Thank you.


Hi nico,

Well for multiple floor, you have to set a Z coordinates which is representative of the different floor. Then you will be able to detect which floor the tag is on based on it’s Z.

Please note due to geometric dilution of precision, the Z accuracy is not as good as X or Y. But it should be good enough to detect floor level.

Also, to make sure the system will behave well, I would recommend to have a reasonable number of anchors per floor (ideally as least four). Otherwise the tag will have to range with anchors from different floors, which may be difficult due to non line of sight.

Hope your experiments go well.