dwm1001 module on metal surface


We are trying to embedded the dwm1001 module into our product for the indoor RTLS. Our tags are mostly used on the metal so my questions are, if put the dwm1001 module as a tag (not the anchor) on metal, what special cares we should take to better embedded the module? what possible effect it may result?

Thanks for any comments in advance.


Dear Omnihb,

That is a fairly difficult question to answer, there are a lot of variables such as:

[]Size/shape of the metal parts.
]Location of metal parts with respect to the DWM1001 module.
[*]Frequency band you are planning to use for the UWB.
In general, any metal parts near to the antenna will have a negative effect on the range of the wireless. In general, so long as the metal parts are not too close (more than 10cm away) this will only create a wireless ‘shadow’ behind the metal parts. If the metal parts are very close (mm) to the antenna, this might cause the RF to become unusable in all direction.

Kind Regards


Hi Omnihb,

You generally want to keep the antenna of any radio clear of any metal in it’s main radiating plane. It’s difficult to give useful advice without knowing more about your application and how you want to mount the DWM1001 modules. Could you make a drawing and attach to this post?