DWM1001 Lowest power configuration using Android app

For the latest android app provided by Decawave for DWM1001, options available to switch on/off to conserve battery are:

  • BLE
  • Responsive Mode

Would switching both of them “off” bring about the most efficient power consumption with deep sleeps whenever the module is not communicating. I am trying to run a DWM1001 over a 3V coin cell like CR2032. I have also put a supercap of 1.5F to handle surge currents. What other options/configurations can be done so that DWM1001 can run on coin cell.

Hi Mak,

Driving the DW1000 with a coin cell battery can be tricky and usually needs a dedicated power supply unit.

As you mentionned, a load capacitor is the right strategy but you also need to ensure you limit the current directly out of the coin cell, battery. DW1000 can easily pull more than 100mA of current for short duration, and coin cell battery can be severly damaged with a load current exceeding 30 to 50mA.

Limiting the current implies to have a longer charge time for the capacitor, hence it means the minimum duration between Tx/Rx is controll by how fast you can charge the capactor.

We have been using coin cell battery for TDoA application only as them required only Tx from the tag. Reception is very challenging with a coin cell battery and we haven’t really explored it.

Note that the PANS software for DWM1001 was not designed with such advanced low power features in mind, so it may be difficult to use while powered by a coin cell battery.

Turning off the responsive mode will provide the lowest power state in idle times.

You can also turn off the BLE but you lose the capability to wakeup with BLE.

Hope it helps,

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Thanks a lot, this is very helpful