DWM1001 - Location Engine - Not giving position even though has 3 or 4 anchor ranges

The anchors are all powered with USB 1A Wall chargers.

I am using the Dev Kit and the data is collected with a Tag connected to a laptop. I was walking on that area to get the data in Tera Term.

As you can see in the attached file, I dont get position (x, y, z, Confidence) even though I have 3 and sometimes 4 anchor ranges.

Why is that?

Location engine.csv (2.8 KB)


Sometimes when the Anchor locations (coordinates) is not accurate, the Tag will not be able to solve its position from the trilateration calculation. How did you measure the Anchor locations? Can you check if the they are correct?


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Hi Weibo_Pan,

Thanks for the response, yes this is probably the problem, it was measured using a measuring tape and I am not within the 10 cm accuracy for the anchors coordinates.

I cannot try retrieving data with better coordinates so that will have to wait but this is most probably the problem!