DWM1001 Iot data power consumption

hi i’m totally newbie on dwm1001

What I’m curious about is this

The Rx and Tx currents for RTLS are identified in the datasheet. But I didn’t find any current for iot data uplink or downlink.
Does the uplink or downlink differ in current consumption from the Rx and Tx signals for positioning?


Hello Kim

The Rx and Tx currents specified in the DW1000 datasheet talk about the current consumption of DW1000 when the radio is transmitting or receiving. It doesn’t matter that much what is being transmitted or received, but the TX power setting will have a big impact on these numbers.

The uplink IoT data is a transmission for the tag that needs to be received by an anchor. It’s current consumption profile is fairly similar to the tag sending a frame of the TWR operation to the Anchor, though the duration will depend on the amount of data (1-34 bytes per frame). You can learn more about how this works in the system overview.

Hey seppe

Thanks for the response!