DWM1001 interface with LCD

Hi, I am new to DWM1001 and currently building a project with DWM1001. I would like to interface DWM1001 with a LCD display and I noticed it is possible with an i2c line (master) at pin 14 and 15 but I can’t find any address to i2c master line. May I know is there any way I can interface DWM1001 with a LCD?

All you need is the address of the LCD controller and some code to drive I2C.

Hi hsong,

I guess you want to use the LCD as a slave and nrf52832 as a master ? Then you need to find the slave address of the LCD and configure the I2C accordingly on the host mcu (nrf52832).

What software are you using on dwm1001 ? Custom one or library provided by decawave ?


Hi, I am using the one provided by Decawave, may I know what is the slave address for the LCD?