DWM1001 in Passive/Listener mode


I have a question regarding the passive/listener mode. I have a MDEK1001 kit on order, so I am preparing an application for a host (single board) computer.

In my setup I will use the DWM1001-DEV boards as 4 anchors, 2-6 tags and 1 “listener”. I want to get all tags positions via the listener node, using the generic UART API.

In the documentation (MDEk1001 User Manual) I can only find an example of using the shell mode for a passive/listener node. I.e. sending the “les” or “lec” command to the listener over UART, it will respond with the address and position of all tags it can hear (right?).

In generic mode, will the dwm_loc_get (API Guide do the same thing? I.e. If I send this TLV request to the listener the response will be addresses and positions of several tags? In the API guide it seems like the corresponding response only includes distances and positions of several anchors, not tags. Am I missing anything?

The answer to my question might be obvious when my HW is delivered and up and running, but I am eager to start implementing as much as possible in beforehand. I will write the host side application in python.


Did you ever get a response on this? I would like to do the same thing, want to create a host in python to retrieve the tag locations using a listener but did not want to do this using terminal.

No response.

I didn’t get my python script working using the generic mode… Did not put a lot of effort into it, for now I am instead using the shell mode. My python script sends the lec command and reads the tag location data over serial. I am doing this on a RPi, with the DWM1001-DEV connected to the RPI’s header pins. Still interested in using python and generic mode though, it would provide more functionality.

could you give us your application?