DWM1001 High current consumption

Hello everyone,

I am currently evaluating the current consumption of the DWM1001-Dev board with a Power Analyzer to determine the battery lifetime of the later used power source. According to the DWM1001 Battery lifetime estimator document I desoldered the jumpers J6, J14, J15, J16, J17, J18 to avoid leakage currents. My problem is even after I set the tag to low power mode (responsive mode off) and by disabling all other peripherals except the BLE Module the lowest current consumption I was able to measure with the Power Analyzer was somewhere in the region of 350uA. I was not able to observe the ~12uA deep sleep current even when I could see the pattern Deep Sleep - Wakeup - Idle - TX - RX - TX - Deep Sleep on my oscilloscope the deep sleep current was way to high. Am I missing something that the current consumption is so high?
The Tag has the following setting programmed with the DRTLS Android App and non-altered PANS R2 firmware:
Node Type: Tag
UWB: Active
Normal Update Rate: 10Hz
Stationary Update Rate: /
UWB Firmware Update: Off
LED: Off
Responsive Mode: Off
Location Engine: On
Stationary Detection: Off

The average current consumption of the tag with this settings was found to be 3.43mA.
If I change the update rate to 1Hz the average current was found to be 0.41mA.

Hope someone could help me out here.

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