DWM1001 gateway randomly stops publishing user data, sent via dwm_usr_data_write on tags (UART TLV)


we are periodically sending user data from tags to the gateway via UART every 1000ms and are subscribed to the MQTT broker on the gateway. To send the data, we are using the “dwm_usr_data_write” TLV request.

We randomly stop receiving the user data while all other topics are coming through without any problem. So either the tag randomly stops sending the user data or the gateway stops publishing the “dwm/node//uplink/data” topic.

Also, we are infrequently getting the following error as a response to the TLV request:
Fault identifier: 0x4001
Program counter: 0x0
Fault information: 0x2000FF2C
Line Number: 122
File Name: /data/git/d14_final_dcdc_fix/910-argo/src/lib/serial/serial.c
Error Code: 0x11

In some occasions, the modules responds with error code 1 to the TLV request. That happens mostly before the data stops being available via MQTT.

The modules are running on firmware version 1.3.0.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @inteko did you find any resolution on this, I am facing similar issue using dwm-simple on tags. When i convert bridge to passive node and use “les” command to make it work as a listener I can receive the data but as soon as i change it to a bridge node tags data is not received.