DWM1001 Gateway on RPi 3B+ (Ethernet Interrupts)

I have been developing a test system using the PANs firmware with Raspberry Pi 3B+ as the gateway. I have seen multiple threads in this forum that indicate the gigabit ethernet on this pi interferes with the timing of the system. That being said, I have been using Ethernet with this setup and don’t seem to have any major issues. Could someone elaborate on how these interrupts may affect the system?

The only thing I have noticed is that sometimes when I send settings updates to individual tags from the browser application, they fail to reach the tag. I can see the commands reaching the MQTT, but since the bridge code is not accessible, and the issue if quite rare it’s very hard to debug further. Is this likely to be a symptom of the ethernet interrupts?

Hi @asmi242
many interrupts can cause dwm kernel module to miss SPI timing events and this cause data loss (in both ways). In general it will work somehow but it will unreliable (this is what you see). Check the dmesg - you should see there some dwm errors.