DWM1001 Gateway no devices shown

Hi. I have configured network with. ~26 anchors. It was configured about an year ago. Since then it was powered on and working fine. Some time ago I wanted to check if everything is working correctly, and it is not.
My gateway is not showing any anchors or tags in my network.
I have 3 gateways (1 main and 2 salves connected to it). I disconnected those gateways and make them work separate from themselves. It didn’t help, I still don’t see any devices on my gateways. Its showing only proxy and UWB in my gateway.

Checked kernel version and its: 4.14.50-v7+

When I enter by UART using Minicom and type SI the response is:
dwm> si
[000697.170 INF] sys: fw2 fw_ver=x01030001 cfg_ver=x00010700
[000697.170 INF] uwb0: panid=x8552 addr=xDECAD86484D483AD
[000697.180 INF] mode: bn (act,-)
[000697.180 INF] uwbmac: disconnected
[000697.180 INF] enc: off
[000697.190 INF] ble: addr=EC:82:2C:6E:E5:3D
Panid is of course correct.

When I type dmesg and search for dwm messages:

[    3.052193] dwm spi0.0: loading
[    3.052337] dwm spi0.0: DWM1001 TWR Real Time Location System
[    3.052345] dwm spi0.0:
[    3.052352] dwm spi0.0: Copyright :  2016-2019 LEAPS and Decawave
[    3.052360] dwm spi0.0: License   :  Please visit https://decawave.com/dwm1001_license
[    3.052368] dwm spi0.0: Compiled  :  Feb  4 2019 12:36:58
[    3.412669] dwm spi0.0: invalid bridge config detected = 0x2816
[    3.412692] dwm spi0.0: configuring bridge ...
[    3.516234] dwm spi0.0: reseting bridge
[    6.818660] dwm spi0.0: encryption key changed by user
[    6.818664] dwm spi0.0: encryption configuration changed by user
[    6.818669] dwm spi0.0: firmware update configuration changed by user
[    6.818673] dwm spi0.0: UWB mode configuration changed by user
[    6.818678] dwm spi0.0: reinitialize ...
[   10.145499] dwm spi0.0: setting bridge PAN ID to x8552 ...
[   10.201478] dwm spi0.0: setting encryption key on gateway
[   10.332571] dwm spi0.0: invalid bridge config detected = 0x2812
[   10.332584] dwm spi0.0: configuring bridge ...
[   10.435677] dwm spi0.0: reseting bridge
[   11.511485] dwm spi0.0: bridge ok

and it keeps doing this reinitialization and saying that bridge is not connected to UWB network.

[ 3365.591487] dwm spi0.0: reinitialize ...
[ 3368.992521] dwm spi0.0: bridge is not connected to UWB network
[ 3368.992535] dwm spi0.0: bridge ok
[ 3399.511450] dwm spi0.0: bridge not responding
[ 3399.511490] dwm spi0.0: reinitialize ...
[ 3402.912519] dwm spi0.0: bridge is not connected to UWB network
[ 3402.912534] dwm spi0.0: bridge ok
[ 3433.431450] dwm spi0.0: bridge not responding
[ 3433.431488] dwm spi0.0: reinitialize ...

The same behavior is on all my gateways. Nothing was changed in hardware (no one even have access to it, including me)