Dwm1001 for commercial use

We have been testing your MDEK1001 kit in our headquarters for several mounths. In this moment we have an opportunity to develop a real Indoor Location project for one of our Industrial cotumers, but we read in the box that it is an evaluation kit only for lab evaluation. Could you tell me which are de right steps to approach a commercial project?

Thanks in advance

The main reason for saying “for evaluation only” is so that they don’t need to do all of the regulatory approvals testing that end products require.

The DWM1001C now has modular approval so you can build that into your product and as long as you stay within the limits of that approval (using the decawave firmware, restrictions on outdoor use in some regions etc…) then you don’t need to repeat any of the intentional radiator testing for your product.

You still need to perform all of the usual unintentional emissions tests that are required for FCC / IC / CE approval as required for your intended market. But you have to do those for any electronic product with or without a radio.

Thanks Andy,

Please correct me if i’m wrong. As we are going to implement our solution with your DWM1001C HW (without any manipulation), we can use them in the European Market without any problems because they carries the CE Mark.

One more question. Can we upgrade our DWM1001 to DWM1001C that have the CE mark or we need to buy new hardware?


Yes you can use them in europe but you still need to do the standard regulatory testing.
While in europe you technically self certify that you meet the regulations you need to do due diligence to be able to show this. Realistically you can’t do that for any non-trivial electronics without performing some testing.

I have no idea on the difference between DWM1001 and DWM1001C, you’ll have to wait for someone from decawave to answer that.

HI Andy,

Thanks for your reply!! I willl wait for an answer from Decawave