DWM1001 Firmware


I was trying to follow the steps descibed in the “DWM_Firmware_User_Guide.pdf” to put an environment in place for when the MDEK will be released (is there an update for the release date? We have already bought it, however the supplier just told us it is delayed).

In this document, item “4.2.2 Compiling/debugging user application in the firmware” it says to import the project from:
"c. Select root directory  Browse…  find /home/dw/Documents/dwm  OK.
Note: project path may vary according to users’ local setup."

However in the firmware package downloaded from Decawave this folder doesn’t exists. I assumed the right folder to be: /home/dw/Source_Code/dwm

In this folder there is no project to be imported, if I try /home/dw/Source_Code/dwm/examples/dwm-simple, I don’t get the options to compile as Default x dw2 x recover as described in the manual:
4) Build.
a. Click the dropdown list beside the button. There are 3 options on the list.

It seems that the document and the released firmware package aren’t the same, or am I doing something wrong?