DWM1001 dwm-timer example


I am using dwm-simple example and I want to use dwm-timer functions in order to create logicals timers. I would like to know how many logical timers could be created, if possible. Can I create as many as I want defining timers instances?

Nordic nRF52832 has an app_timer driver for this purpose, but I think is not compatible according to the API Firmware because it uses RTC. In this case, I would like to know if it is possible to integrate this driver into dwm-simple example.


Hi Joaquim,

The example dwm-timer provides an implementation of using nRF timer2. According to DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf Table 2, you are free to use timer2 timer3 and timer4 when using PANS firmware.

RTCs are all blocked (used by the operation system) so you won’t be able to use nRF app_timer driver here.

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Hi Weibo,

Thank you very much for the answer.