DWM1001 documentation

Hi everyone,

we are currently developing a new custom module that will have DW1000. We took DWM1001 as reference module and we want to use PCB antenna from that module. We found antenna design files but it isnt the same antenna.

Is it possible to get Altium project or Gerber files for DWM1001? It would help us in order to use your product DW1000 and speed up a time to market.

Thanks in advance!
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Why not just use the DWM1001 or the DWM1000 module?
Having the antenna design and DWM1001 schematics does not get you to a final certified product. Trust me, we know from our experience in getting to the final hurdles of certification with the DWM1001.

We do not provide the Gerbers for the DWM1001. We will look into publishing the Gerbers for the CH5 only Antenna.


Hi Kenneth,

We plan to use DW1000 with another MCU and some aditional sensors and the whole module that we plan to develop must be as small as possible. It is probably going to be a little bigger than DWM1001 and because of that we cannot use DWM1000 or DWM1001.

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So you are happy to go with CH5 only product?
We hope to release the DWM1001 Antenna related gerbers before the new year

Hi Kenneth,

right now we are happy with only CH5. After field testing we can see if that is appropriate to use for the final product.

Of course if you can recommend any other type of antenna that is similar in size and has same or better performance, we are willing to listen.

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The other option is to consider a ceramic antenna -

Have the CH5 antenna gerbers for DWM1001 been released? If not, is there a plan to or can we request directly?


Yes, they are WB003 in this download - https://www.decawave.com/uwb-antennae-design-files

That was what I was looking for, thank you.