DWM1001 development with BLE

Hello everyone, my first time posting here so woo got that going.

Anyway, I am a student graduating on the creation of an UWB device that shows the distance between two nodes using BLE to communicate to the phone and UWB to meassure the distance.

I’ve come across the DWM1001 dev modules which feature the DW1000 and the NRF52832 MCU. Sounds perfect to test the basic functionality before designing my own hardware. I have bought two of these dev boards and got started. The two way ranging example works good, accuracy needs to be calibrated but that’s for later.

The problem is, I can’t figure out how to setup the bluetooth part. Should I focus on getting everything on the NRF working and just write my own code that uses the API calls to meassure distance? Or is there an example I can use to get me started? I have noticed the PANS2.0 advertises itself by BLE but there is no source code available for that (I understand that). But maybe there is a small bluetooth example available somewhere?

Hope someone gets my question and is able to assist me.

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Hey there,

I would like to asked if you already have found an solution to this problem? or someone else can help?

As you I tested the Simple Code Example and it works well. Now I like to add there a Bluetooth Communication, so that I connect the Nodes to my PC, Tablet or something else.

Thanks for helping in advance.

The source code of the Android app is available

is that not what you’re looking for ?
And why would you measure distance with uwb which at best expects 10 cm precision ? Use cases of uwb are rather localisation, not measures, but for learning why not.

As the user guide explains, you can use a passive node to log the locations through USB serial to your PC. Is that what you need ?

Hey thank you for your reply.

Of course at the end I like to bulid an localisation system, and not only measure the distance, it is just an learning think.

With the Simple Example from GitHub I can send my distance data via USB to my PC thats not the problem. But I like to manage my nodes via PC and Bluetooth because of some other reason for my system later.
So I wolud like to add a bluetooth feature to the Simple Example, but I struggle to enable BLE on the nrf Chip.
As @Diabe I am looking for an little BLE expample or someone who might me help a little bit with more knowledge with the nrf chip then I have.

I post the answer here too for those reading this post
Actually, Decawave provide the needed build tools and code for you to use Bluetooth, as the PANS included as lib already have Bluetooth functions and the Nordic softdevice, you need to be familiar with the PANS API. Then to use it from an external Tablet, either with the default firmware or with your own built on top of PANS, it goes through the Bluetooth GATT protocol like shown in DWM1001-Firmware-User-Guide.pdf section 3.1 and the details of the GATT in section 7 BLE API That should be enough for anyone familiar with Bluetooth to interact with it. And in addition you have the source code of the Androi app that is using Bluetooth here Source Code for the Android Application - Decawave