DWM1001-Dev with raspberry pi


I have three modules ( 1tag and 2 anchor) I would like to have the positon X of the tag but I have some difficulties. First I flash the 3 modules with J-Flash Link,I use the application to configure the modules, after I use Segger Studio to build and run dwm-simple after I connect the tag to the raspberry pi 3 B+, I connect with serial connection in to raspberry , its works but when I enter les or lec is not work not information about the position or distance. Can you help me please ?

Sorry for my english

Hi burak,

In order to get a position, you will need at least 3 anchors and one tag.

I would recommend not to use the dwm-application for the moment but the default hex file that you can find in the download package.

Does the serial connection with the raspberry pi work ? Do you get any output with the command “help” ?

Let me know how it goes,

Thanks Yves for you reply,
At the moment I have just 3 modules, I do use which file ? Hex PANNS ??
The serial connection function with raspberry but when I use the command lec I don’t have data. There are no connection between tag and anchor.

With 2 anchors and 1 tag, you will only have distance, no position.

Are you connecting the tag to the raspberry pi ? Only the tag is aware of the distance/position and can send it to uart with “les” command.

Have you configure:

  • One active initiator anchor
  • A second active anchor
  • An active tag

With the same panId set for all of them ?

I would to have the distance between the anchor n°1 to tag and anchor n°2 to tag. How can I configure the anchor and tag ? How to set ?

Hi Burak,

which Raspberry Image have you used? If you use the image from PANS, then that image is intended to be used as a Gateway. It will automatically configure the connected DWM1001-DEV to Bridge mode.

You can disable the Gateway function as follow:
$ sudo /etc/init.d/dwm1001-proxy stop
$ sudo /etc/init.d/dwm1001 stop
$ sudo rmmod dwm

By doing that you will take control over the connected module.

If your Raspberry image is not from PANS, then follow Yves’s instructions. Providing the output of ‘si’ and ‘la’ commands on the Tag should help.