DWM1001-DEV with Raspberry , How to configure tags and anchors

I have dwm1001-dev kit. I attach one module to rpi zerow. I want to use this module as initiator and listener. I can access uart menu too.
I want to configure 4 module as anchor others as tag. How can i configure them remotely from rpi host.
I don’t have an android machine to configure them with bluetooth.
I compiled anchor_cfg and tag_cfg.
But i couldn’t find how to scan nearby modules and configure them remotely from host.

I searched for python script that connect listener over spi and get locations, but couldnt find.

In the Release 1 of PANS FW that comes with DWM1001 HW, this (remote configuration) is not possible, without using Bluetooth. If you cannot use Bluetooth, then you need to configure the units via UART (or SPI).