DWM1001-DEV Using BLE to localize


I am currently working on a localization project based on Decawave products. Is it possible to use the Bluetooth Low Energy to get information about the range between two modules(similar to iBeacons)? Or is it just for communication purposes to the tablet? My idea is to combine BLE, UWB and the accelerometer with a kalman filter to get the distance between the modules with a very low failure rate. Does the DWM1001-DEV provide BLE ranging information?

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I guess you are using the DWM1001-DEV hardware of MDEK kit ?

In this case, the BLE is only used for android device to dwm1001-dev communication. A tag will send its range to an android device over BLE.

Is is not possible to implement tag to tag BLE communication with the current system.

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You could use the RSSI of the DWM1001 advertising packets. (these are being broadcast when the DWM1001 is not connected to a BLE central device.)

Usiing a BLE central looking at the RSSI of the DWM1001 advertising packets to estimate the distance from the central.

If you had more then 2 centrals you could get a rough idea of position using triangulation. There is no timestamp so moving will give some errors and RSSI from BLE is not a
very reliable measure of distance (other things can affect the RSSI).

You would probably need to measure the RSSI at some known distances to get values to compare with and BLE’s operating distance is smaller then UWB. You would probably need
more centrals.

But the idea seems sound.


Hi Yves,

What if I’d like to send the information of an active Tag through BLE (peripheral) to an Arduino (central)? Through the arduino I’m able to detect the Tag and connect to it using Service UUID and Characteristic UUID, but the location data I recieve isn’t showing up in the right format. The thing that is bothering me, is that the distance range at which I manage to detect the active Tag from the arduino through BLE is no more than 10 meters, the same happens with the active Tag and the 3 anchors (about 10 meters), further than that the I can’t see anything on my PC. Wasn’t UWB range up to 250 meters and BLE up to 70 meters?

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PD: I have 3 anchors perfectly connected and the active Tag manages to calculate position if i connect it to my PC through UART using Tera Term.

Hi Guillemba,
I’m trying to connect to the dwm1001 devices as well but cannot find useful information.
I understood that you were suvvesful in connecting DWM1001 via BLE.
Could you gently share your source code?
At the moment i’m connecting Arduino and the dwm using external HC05 and the serial lines but this creates a great pollution of RF.
I would like to use an Arduino board with ESP32.
Thanks for your support, if you will.